Fence Wizard™ Pool Safety Fence

The Fence Wizard Pool Safety Fence is designed to help protect children from unsupervised entry into your pool area.  Made of super-strong, UV-protected Meshylene™ fabric suspended between aluminum poles, Fence Wizard is manufactured in fully adjustable 12' sections for a perfect, customized fit around any shape or size pool. The poles are anchored into the ground with stainless steel ½" pins, which are both sturdy and extremely safe. The pool fence can quickly be removed for adult parties and other occasions where unfettered access to the pool is required.

Pool Wizard Safety Fence panels have a reinforced edging to prevent any fraying of the material. The UV inhibitors in the Meshylene make the fence suitable for all climates. Installation components and hardware are guaranteed to be long-wearing and non-rusting.

4'x12' pool safety fence

4' high x 12' Section

Sale price $ 99.99 Regular price $ 159.99

5'x12' Pool Fence

5' high x 12' Section

Sale price $ 149.99 Regular price $ 199.99

Pool fence gate with Magna Latch

5' High 30" Gate w/Magna Latch and Hinges

Sale price $ 359.99 Regular price $ 499.99

4' High 30" pool fence gate

4' High 30" Gate w/Magna Latch and Hinges

Sale price $ 299.99 Regular price $ 399.99

Drill guide for pool cover installation

Safety Fence Drill Guide

Sale price $ 79.99 Regular price $ 129.99