Cover Magic Pool Safety Covers FAQs

Why do I need a safety cover?

First and foremost, safety covers help keep small children and pets out of harm’s way should they wander into the pool area. They are also a great way of securing your pool throughout the winter. They protect it from snow, debris, and animal intrusion. The Pool Safety Shop offers different types of covers that you can choose based on your pool area environment. If you have a lot of trees, falling leaves and pollen, our solid covers may work best for you. On the other hand, instead of spending a ton of money on chemicals to turn around a green pool every spring, our mesh cover may be for you. All in all, a Cover Magic safety cover will provide you with a worry-free winter. It will help keep your pool safe from the elements and also safe from unauthorized entry as well.

Can you make a cover to fit my unique pool?

Yes. Click Here for an instant estimate. After that, simply send us a completed (right or control-click to download) custom pool measurement/order form, and in 72 hours from receipt of your quote approval and payment, the Pool Safety Shop will manufacture and ship you a cover designed specifically for your pool. Pool Safety Shop offers a solution for any unique pool configuration such as step-riser kits or cable systems to close the gaps at negative walls. We offer different anchor types depending on your deck material, and design solutions for virtually any pool. If you have any questions about our custom covers, please feel free to contact us at (631) 408-6029 or email us at

What is the difference between mesh and solid covers?

Each has its own advantages, depending on your pool and geographic location. Mesh allows water to drain into the pool as the ice or snow melts. Mesh blocks 92% of sunlight to inhibit algae growth. Solid Covers block 100% of the sunlight, precluding all algae from growing. See our Mesh vs Solid chart below.

How much do each of these covers weigh?

Cover weights vary by material, cover size and hardware requirements. Carton weights are available on the product pages. Most residential covers can be handled by two people.

If I need a replacement for another manufacturer’s cover, could you make a cover to match the existing anchor points?

By using your original cover as a template, we can re-make virtually any other manufacturer’s cover. Contact us about our cover repair/replacement program.

Do I need to drain my pool when I am ready to put on my cover this winter?

Never drain your pool in preparation for winter. If properly winterized, the water in the pool will be fine and it actually helps to support the cover in the case of a large snowfall. Please keep in mind your cover warranty specifically states that water levels lower than 18" from the top of the pool may void your warranty and can result in damage to the cover.

Should I remove snow from my safety cover?

No. Snow and Ice will collect on your cover in certain climates. It should be left alone. Damage to the cover or personal injury may result when trying to remove snow or ice. If pool water levels are properly maintained under the cover (no more than 18" below the deck level), the weight of the snow and ice should rest on the water without issue.

Can you install a safety cover on an above-ground pool?

No. Above ground swimming pools are designed to support the outward pressure of the water in the pool. A safety cover can put pressure in the opposite direction which could lead to a collapse of the pool wall. A great alternative for an aboveground pool is a Net Master pool safety net available right here on this site.

How and where should I store my cover while it is not in use?

You should Store our cover in a sealed container like a large storage tub or trash can or in a location free of potential intrusion by pests. Rodents and insects can do substantial damage to a cover, especially if they nest inside its folds.

How can I fix a small rip or tear in my cover?

For best results, contact the Pool Safety Shop about our cover repair/replacement program. Although, not a permanent solution, patches are available for a small rip or tear.

How long will it take to ship my pool cover?

Stock covers ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. Custom covers ship within 3 business days of approval of the template and payment.

NOTE:  All of our Cover Magic safety covers are available in solid or mesh fabric.  Either material is safe, strong, and durable.  Mostly your choice is a matter of preference. Here are some notable differences:


Characteristic Cover Magic Mesh Ultra Mesh Cover Magic Solid
Protection High High High
Porosity Precipitation and small dirt particles can pass through the cover into the pool at a flow rate of 35 GPM Precipitation and small dirt particles can pass through the cover into the pool at a flow rate of 14 GPM The small center drain allows some precipitation and small dirt particles into the pool
Sun Block 95% of sunlight is blocked (inhibits the growth of algae) 99% of sunlight is blocked (inhibits the growth of algae) 100% of sunlight is blocked (virtually eliminates algae growth)
Installation Easier to install due to lighter weight of material approx. 50% lighter than solid covers Easier to install due to lighter weight of material approx. 40% lighter than solid covers Due to its low porocity and its high opacity, solid covers tend to be a little heavier than mesh covers
Warranty 15 Year Limited 20 Year Limited 20 Year Limited


3X3 vs 5X5

The grid size refers to the frequency (in feet) of space between the straps that secure the cover to the pool deck.

A 3X3 grid (average of 3' between traps) provides a stronger and safer cover than does a standard 5X5 (average of 5' between traps), because it uses more strapping, springs and anchors per sq ft of cover.

A 3X3 cover is typically used on a larger free-form pool and is highly recommended on free-from pools over 1000 sq ft.