Fence Wizard FAQs

What are the advantages of a Fence Wizard pool fence?

While many caregivers opt to leave the Fence Wizard Safety Pool fence in place continuously when children are young, the entire pool fence can be easily removed in minutes and conveniently rolled up and stored for adult gatherings. Grandparents or other part-time caregivers enjoy the option of putting the fence up when young children are visiting, and removing it when there are no children nearby.

Can a child (5 and under) climb the fence?

it is extremely unlikely for a child under the age of 5 to be able to climb our mesh fence without something to climb on or the assistance of another child.

Can a child knock down the fence?

It is extremely difficult for a child or adult to knock down a Fence Wizard pool fence.

Can a child lift the poles out of the holes?

A child 5 and under will not be able to lift a properly installed Pool Wizard fence pole out of the ground.

Can a child unlatch the sections of fence?

It is extremely unlikely that a young child will have the height, strength and mechanical ability to unlatch any section of fence.

How tall are your fences?

Our fence and gate heights are 48″ (4 feet) & 60″ (5 feet) tall.

Can I purchase individual panels to replace areas of my pool wizard fence?

Pool Wizard pool safety fences are available for purchase in 12 ft. sections.

Where should I store my fence?

Our mesh fences roll up easily for compact storage. The UV inhibitors and weatherproof mesh material make our fence safe to store indoors or outdoors.

How long does a pool fence installation take?

Our Typical installations take an average of up to 2 hours, but timing can vary depending on the length of your fence and the surface of your deck.

What type of surface can your fence be installed into?

Pool Our safety fences can be installed into concrete, customized for placement in dirt and, in most cases, our fences and gate can even be installed into a wooden deck after making the proper accommodations. For installation advice, please contact the Pool Safety Shop.

Can a Fence Wizard pool safety fence be installed around an above ground pool?

Yes, we can install a fence around an above ground pool. For advice on how to install a fence Wizard pool safety fence around an aboveground pool, please contact the Pool Safety Shop.