Net Master Pool Safety Net FAQs

Why buy a safety net rather than a pool fence?

Both pool safety fences and pool safety nets protect your children and pets from pool access. However, the net system is great for homeowners with little deck space. Unlike safety fences, the pool net cover is installed flush with the pool deck, and takes up no visual space from around your pool area. Also, a safety net fits tightly above the water and even a baby cannot crawl under it. The safety net's 3.5" squares are too small for a child's body or head to fit through, but are too large to allow a child or pet to run or play on the net.

How convenient is it to use the pool if I have a pool net cover?

Most Net Master pool safety nets can be removed and replaced in under 10 minutes. Pools with complicated rock elevations or waterfall details may require a few extra minutes for the removal and replacement of the safety net. The lightweight, water resistant reel included with each net helps to roll up the net and keep it contained when the pool is being used. Always replace the pool net completely when the pool is no longer in use. The net must be removed entirely before using your pool.

Can the Net Master work for any pool?

Yes. Models are available for unground and aboveground pools. Complicated pool layouts or elevations may require a more detailed design of your pool net. Net Master pool safety nets are designed for the do-it-yourselfer; however, for more complicated installations, call your local pool specialist.

How will a Net Master pool safety net look on my pool?

The Net Master pool safety net is designed to blend in with your pool. It is attractive and unobtrusive, and does not inhibit pool or yard views. Your pristine waters or lighting system will not be affected by the use of a Net Master pool safety net.

Will holes have to be drilled in my deck?

Yes. There are two ways to install your anchors. The popular in-ground anchors require the drilling of ¾" holes in your deck. These anchors are available in multiple colors or brass finish, for a close match to your pool deck. Alternatively, our flat brackets can be used on the deck surface. This option requires the drilling of holes that are only 1/8" wide.

How strong is the Net Master pool safety net?

The Net Master pool safety net is extremely strong. It is made of 100% Polyethylene netting, with the maximum available UV resistance for long life in all climates. While designed to protect children and pets, the Net Master pool net cover will safely support up to 485 lbs. Additionally, the Net Master pool safety net is shipped with a triple binding around the edges, to enhance its strength. The stainless steel attachment hooks will not rust or weaken.

How long will the Net Master safety net last?

When used properly, your Net Master pool safety net will serve you well for many years. Net Master’s 100% Polyethylene netting is not affected by pool chemicals or chlorine. All Pool Safety Shop pool safety Products are routinely treated with the maximum available UV inhibitors to prevent sun damage. The stainless steel clips will not corrode or rust. And the included storage reel is water resistant. To add to your peace of mind, every Net Master product comes with a 5 year manufacturer's limited warranty.

Will a safety net satisfy regulatory agency requirements?

All Pool Safety Shop pool safety products are meticulously researched and designed to be at the cutting edge of swimming pool safety. However, the Pool Safety Shop is unable to determine the official compliance of its products with all particular building and safety codes in every municipality. Please check with local governing agencies before you purchase for their specific requirements.

How long will it take to get my Pool Safety Net?

All stock orders of Net Master pool safety nets ship within 24 hours of order receipt.